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Coaching sessions, self paced online courses and coaching programs incorporating EFT and Essential Oils designed to empower you to make, meet and exceed personal goals, adopt a growth mindset and move forward on a spiritual path or to empower you to adopt a long-term healthier lifestyle by making positive healthy lifestyle changes. 

Grab my FREE Love Yourself Masterclass & Guidebook that can help you to cultivate self-love and achieve the life you truly deserve!


I will assess your current physical, mental, emotional and energetic state of being then together we will set the right goals to enable you to achieve a life of wellness.


I will work with you to identify and overcome self limiting beliefs, help unlock your true potential and set achievable goals to enable you to practice self-love.

I will help you to evaluate your life, all areas, professional, home, social, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and develop positive coping strategies.


A Little About Me
I'm Joanne, a heart centred, intuitive life and wellness coach living and working in Greater Manchester, England. I have 2 crazy cocker spaniels, Rosie and Daisy.  I'm 51 years young and after years of  being there for everyone else, fitting in with what everyone else wanted, feeling like I was a square peg in a round hole I finally made the decision to put myself first and dug deep, doing the inner work.

It wasn't until I learned to love myself, value myself and put myself first and harness the power of a natural, energetic approach that I was finally free to be my true authentic self, forging my own path to health, happiness and harmony. Now it's time for you to make a decision that will change your life for the better, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so that you not only survive life but thrive.

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My Survive Life & Thrive Blog provides tips, ideas and advice for ensuring you not only survive life but thrive.

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